Build a platform that connects the home chefs who cooks meals using the fresh ingredients, from the convenience of their own homes and people that crave original home cooked food of their favorite cuisine. In addition to this connection, we also provide the convenience of getting the meals delivered.

In early 2022, Chefsmart was brought to existence with the ambition of supporting passionate home-based Chefs to start their own food business. This venture is all about making their skills of cooking into a small-scale business in the food industry and essentially assist them in scaling up.
We ultimately have an aim of reducing food waste caused by restaurants, also provide cost effective meals to people with busy schedules with an alternate solution of their daily take aways.

Chefsmart is the first choice for anyone who prioritizes planning and prefers flexibility. The Chefsmart app has the home chefs, excited to prepare your favorite meal. All you need to do is download the Chefsmart app and place your order as desired in your planned week ahead.
At Chefsmart, you can, not only make money as a chef but also as a delivery driver for our company.
Thinking about creating a small home-based business? Are you ready to cook and sell, become one of our many home chefs by clicking the “Register as a vendor” button.

Chefsmart is a delivery and marketing company. We partner with the home chefs to create their own menu of healthy, fresh, and delicious cooked meals and get your desired food on your table. Whether it is a one-time dinner meal, or you ordered for your family and friends, it can also be a perfect choice for your lunch break at your work or school. We only take pre-orders, so it is always freshly cooked for you, by your favorite chef and delivered to you at your specified location by Chefsmart.

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